Pay Per Words for WooCommerce


The Pay per Words for woocommerce plugin for WooCommerce enables users to charge customers based on the word count they input, seamlessly redirecting them to the checkout page for payment.”

Pay $6 for 1 word

Demo 1 :

Total words: 0

Demo 2 :

Pay $5 for 10 words

Total words: 0

Pay Per Words for WooCommerce Plugin

The Pay Per Words for WooCommerce plugin is an essential tool tailored to enhance the functionality of your WordPress website, specifically designed for online stores or services that revolve around text-based content. Seamlessly integrating with WooCommerce, one of WordPress’s leading e-commerce platforms, this plugin empowers you to create a unique checkout experience based on the number of words provided by your customers.

Key Features:

  1. Automatic Word Count Calculation: Effortlessly calculate the total number of words entered by customers within a designated text area during the checkout process. Whether it’s content writing services, translations, or other word-based products, this feature ensures accurate pricing based on content length.

  2. Flexible Pricing Model: Set a customizable price per unit of words, enabling you to charge customers based on the complexity or length of the content they’re purchasing. For instance, if your pricing model is $0.05 per word, a 500-word article would equate to $25.

  3. Minimum Word Count Requirement: Define a minimum word count prerequisite for checkout to ensure customers meet a specific threshold before finalizing their purchase. This feature proves beneficial for enforcing minimum order requirements or encouraging customers to provide sufficient information.

  4. Customizable Checkout Button: Dynamically generate a checkout button displaying the total price based on word count, enabling customers to seamlessly proceed to payment. Customize the text and styling of the checkout button to align with your website’s branding.

  5. Demo Version with Feature Restrictions: Offer a demo version with limited functionality, allowing users to explore features before committing to a purchase. In the demo version, advanced features may be restricted or limited to provide a glimpse of the plugin’s capabilities.

  6. Seamless Integration: The Pay Per Words for WooCommerce plugin seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, leveraging its robust e-commerce functionalities. Installation and activation are quick and straightforward, with the plugin seamlessly complementing your existing WooCommerce setup.

  7. Comprehensive Documentation and Support: Access comprehensive documentation guiding you through installation, setup, and configuration. Additionally, benefit from dedicated support to address any inquiries or issues you may encounter.

Use Cases:

  • Content Writing Services: Streamline pricing and checkout processes for content writing services, copywriting, or blogging services based on content length.

  • Translation Services: Provide accurate quotes for translation services by pricing translations according to the word count of the source text.

  • Academic Services: Charge students for proofreading, editing, or essay writing services based on the word count, tailored to educational institutions or freelance tutors.

  • Digital Products: Set dynamic pricing for digital products such as e-books, guides, or tutorials based on the content’s word count, offering fair pricing models to customers.